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Director’s Meeting
April 12 th 2018
Lakes Restaurant 7:00 PM

● Call to order
● Welcome guests
● Approval of the November 14 th 2017 BOD meeting minutes
● Treasures Report
● County Commissioner Update
● Sherriff Update
● GFP Update
● Old Business
● New Business
o Lake County Dive Team
o East River Water Development Sample Volunteers
o Lake Madison Clean Up Day
o Water Quality Funds
o Annual Picnic
o New PC for Treasure
o Website & Marketing Update 

FALL 2017




Picture furnished by LaDell Swiden

Letter to Prospective MembersClick here to View

Membership Newsletter From Meeting: Click Here to View

Minutes from Board of Directors meeting -Tuesday April 1 2017:Click to View

Minutes from Board of Directors meeting – Wednesday November 1 2016Click to View

Minutes from Board of Directors meeting – Wednesday April 13 2016Click to View






We have  – GOLDEN EAGLES at our lake! 


Sent in by LaDell Swiden – This Golden Eagle has been on his roof!



Congratulations to:  Jeff and his Three Grand Children-Drake, Teegan and Braxton!
The Lake Madison Development Association works to create and preserve an environment on and around the lake that enhances the residential and recreational uses of the lake. Key components of our mission include:

  • Improvement of water quality in the chain of lakes and the lakes watershed
  • Safety on the water and roads around the lake
  • Communication among lake residents and with the surrounding community

You can also learn more about what the Association is doing to improve water quality, safety and what is happening on our lake. There are also some events that might be of interest to lake residents and has links to many other sites for information on water quality, government fishing and boating regulations, and so forth. Finally there are links for our local business on our lake and a Gallery so please send us some pictures to share with everyone on the lake.  Some of these links are still under construction. This site is for the benefit of lake residents so please contact us with your suggestions and ideas.

Officers for 2016:

Ron Schmidt               –     President
Kyle Elenkiwich          –     1st Vice President
Mike Anderson            –     2nd Vice President
Michelle Anderson       –     Secretary
Millie  Moser               –     Treasurers
Michael Swiden           –     Website