Letter from the President

From President Mark Wolfe

Lake Madison Development Associations mission statement is “ to promote water safety and to protect the water quality, natural resources and ecosystems of Lake Madison, Lake County, South Dakota, and the surrounding watershed by promoting conservation, research and education so the natural beauty and environment of the lake and surrounding area may be preserved for the enjoyment of people today and for generations to come.”
That is a challenging mission, but one that your Association has been focused on. We understand that water quality, habitat and safety are primary concerns of everyone who lives, works and plays in, on or around Lake Madison. To that end, you deserve to know what our Association is doing to meet that challenge.
Water Quality- This is undoubtedly the most pressing issue we have and also the hardest one to make headway on. The biggest problem in our lake is phosphates. It’s the leading cause of our algae blooms. We all know that, the trick is how do we stop it. Well, there isn’t a magic wand to make it go away but we can start chipping away at it. We can all point fingers at what the problem is but it all comes down to runoff. Runoff from cities, farms and lake people. All of us. As the saying goes, if your not part of the solution your part of the problem. Fortunately, someone who knows a lot about water problems and possible solutions has agreed to chair our Water Quality Committee, MARTIN JARRETT. I can not think of a better person for the position. Your LMDA has not given up on improving water quality and we will keep you informed of each new step. Every small step we make puts us closer to our goal.

Website – the LMDA website has proven to be a popular page. We understand that it has not operated at peak efficiency and with that said, MIKE ANDERSON has agreed to take the chair of our Technology Committee. Our goal is to transform the website into a much more user friendly experience and create a platform for future LMDA projects such as a web based Lake directory and one click remote meetings along with our already popular web cams, on line memberships and important relevant information. We hope to make this a high quality website. To that end, we may need to outsource but we would like to keep it “in house”. Mike is looking for anyone who may be interested in being on the committee, if you are interested contact Mike or any officer.

Habitat and Fisheries – this is led by MURRAY DRIGGS. He is an avid fisherman and is in regular contact with SDGF&P. He is monitoring invasive species such as Zebra mussels, Asian carp and Eurasian water-milfoil as well as working towards improving habitat for fishing. Check out his article for more information. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions give him a call.

Safety – that’s an area I have been working on. We are making some good progress in this field and I hope to continue to improve on it. In the future I hope to create a lake wide calling tree in order to have a rapid response in times of emergencies such as missing persons, severe storms and flooding. For more information on Safety go to the article in this paper. If you are interested in helping or have any good ideas or suggestions give me a call.

The Lakes News – what a wonderful source of information!! ROLLY SAMP and his son MICHAEL have given us years of pleasurable reading with interesting stories and important information. They have set the standard for how a lake news publication should be run. Their articles have reminded us of our past and continue to help shape our future.

The people just listed as well as the officers, directors and volunteers of LMDA are the reason why we are able to continue on with our mission statement. We are working for you, we do care and we will continue to do the best we can but we can always use more help. If you can help, give me or any officer a call or email.
Be safe, be charitable, be kind;
Mark Wolfe
LMDA president

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