Last Meeting Minutes





Call to Order

President Ron Schmidt called the meeting to order at 12:21 P.M.  He welcomed the members of the Lake Madison Development Association (LMDA) to the Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting.  The meeting was held at The Lakes, August 7, 2016.


Secretary’s Report

There was a motion by Robert Ellsworth to approve the minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting.  Kyle Elenkiwich seconded.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Millie Moser gave the financial report for the year 2016.  Income for the year included: membership dues, contributions to the water quality project, advertising sold in Lake News and Directory.  Expenses for the year included: printing of Directories, The Lake News, flyers, cost of picnic, operating expenses, and expenses of water quality project, Lake County Search & Rescue.  There was a motion by RC Johnson to accept report as presented.  It was seconded by Greg Benda.  Motion carried.


Kelli Wollman, Lake County Commissioner:

  • Thanked members of Lake Madison Development Association for their support of the Lake County Commision.
  • No fee required at inlets
  • Five year road plan.
  • Working on bike trails.
  • Working with the city of Brant Lake
  • Mitigate flood plans with FEMA


Steve Rau, Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Commented on the number of people in attendance for the picnic
  • Explained his background
  • Lake County helps jail Moody County, Brookings, Mitchel and Sioux Falls prisoners.  All of these jails are at maximum capacity.
  • He reported on burglaries and vandalism


Cody Symens, Game Fish and Parks:

  • Reported a drowning of a person on Lake Madison
  • Lake County Search and Rescue is a big help to Game Fish and Parks
  • The lakes get stocked with fish every other year
  • Lake Herman was stocked this year
  • Fish in the lakes are coming back after being so low two years ago
  • Cody will be applying for Brandon Gusts position
  • Pheasant count is down from last year
  • There are a good amount of geese
  • Deer population is rebounding well




Terry Ryan, Membership Chair, reported that membership is up to 610 members.  That is an all time high.  He asked that people ask their friends and neighbors to be a member to be Association members. 


President Schmidt asked Doug Koch from Lake County Search and Rescue to come up and presented him with a $500 donation.  Doug thanked the Association.




Mike Swiden would like to step down from his role of keeping our website current.  We need someone to replace Mike.  We need a website maintainer/director.


Board Meetings:  Any members are welcome to attend the board meetings at any time.  Board meetings are usually held on the 1st Tuesday on November, April, June and the Annual Meeting in August.  These meetings are posted on our website.  You are welcome to bring your suggestions or concerns. 


In your Lake Directory, a star is placed before the names of paid members.  If you notice that your friends or neighbors are not members yet, please ask and encourage them to be a member too.


Ron thanked Rich and Char Bothwell and their crew for providing the wonderful lunch for the picnic.




Ron Schmidt reported for the nominating committee. The following names were offered for officers and directors of the Association for 2016-2017:  President Kyle Elenkiwich; first vice-president Mike Anderson; second vice-president Bob VanLiere; secretary, Michelle Anderson; treasurer, Millie Moser.


He offered the names of Jackie Haggar-Tuschen and Rollyn Samp to be re-elected for three-year terms.  The names of Brian Anderson and Steve Kant were offered for new three year terms.


Jeff Nelson declined another three year term as he is busy with other things.


Bob Ellsworth moved that nominations cease for officers and directors nominated and the Secretary cast a unanimous ballot.  Jane Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.


Ron Schmidt asked that all of the Directors stand and thanked them.  He asked that new president Kyle Elenkiwich come up.


New President Kyle Elenkiwich thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve The Lake Association.  He also thanked Ron Smidt for the great job he has done as President and all the directors and officers for their hard work and dedication.  Special thanks to the Lakes for hosting the great picnic.


A special thank you to all our sponsors who contributed door prizes especially Lewis Drug for the grand prize.


He reminded people to look at the Associations website at


There will be a short Board of Directors meeting after the Annual Meeting adjournment.


We will have a moment to give thanks for our meal.




w          Dick Sabers moved the meeting be adjourned at 1:00 p.m.  Kay Hegler seconded. Motion carried.


Respectfully recorded and submitted by,

Michelle Anderson, secretary